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So, you think you have what it takes to become a stunt performer in
the film business? Maybe you've always wondered where a stuntman
or stuntwoman may have received their stunt training. (Did they go
to a stunt school, or is there such a thing?) Maybe you've just always
been curious about a  
stunt career, in general.  Well, maybe you do
have what it takes, but it's not an easy task to becoming a stunt man
or stunt woman - in fact, it's a lot of hard work.  But, it's quite
rewarding once you're in. Great paychecks, working with awesome
people, and doing what you love and getting paid for it. (
established stunt performer makes in the six figure range on average
- and some make this right away.
)  But you can't just pop into the
stunt industry and  say "Hi - I'm ready to be a stunt  performer" and
get a job.  There are a lot of
ins and outs and tricks of the trade,  
which can lead you to a successful career as a stunt performer.
There are so many different ways to becoming a stunt performer, and this
Directory/Guide has all the resources you could ever need to get started.  I
wish I had something like this back when I started out. An excellent source of
information, and well worth the small price tag.
John E. - Stuntman / Stunt Coordinator

I've been in the business for a while now, and the one question I get daily is,
"How do I get into stunts?"   Finally there is a place I can tell them to look  -  I
tell everybody to order this Directory.
Beverly D. - Stuntwoman

I ordered this 3 months ago, and I got my 1st stunt job the other day.  It is a
wealth of info and I've used the Directory resources over and over to gain
knowledge in the industry.  I encourage everybody to order this Guide if
they're serious about stunts.
David M. - Novice Stunt Performer

This Directory is a must have for every beginner stunt performer.  (Or even
veteran stunt performers.) Tons of websites and resources that everybody in
the industry needs to know. Especially those who are starting out, this is a
good place to start.
Scott L. -  Stuntman / Stunt Coordinator

People always tell me they think they are perfect for stunts because they are
"dare-devils", or "they have the guts to do anything", or whatever... but the
truth is, there's so much more to it in the stunt business, and this Directory has
the resources to explain that.
Raymond W. - Stunt Coordinator

Even if you just want to check out the stunt world out of pure curiousity, or if
you are an already established stunt performer in the industry, this Directory is
a pretty good resource to have. I refer to it all the time for information I need.  
Well worth it for anybody.
Mark A. - Stuntman / Stunt Coordinator

I just wanted to get some info about motorcycle stunts, driving stunts, stunt
schools, and anything stunt-related, and after getting this book online, I was
very happy with how much info was packed in there.  The extra free ebook is
a really good read, too.
Adelle R. - Aspiring Stunt Performer

    of websites, books and DVDs)

  • THE INS AND OUTS OF GETTING YOUR 1st JOB  (Multiple resources)




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Here's what a few people have to say about Get Into
Stunts: The Ultimate Directory and Guide:
One day, you're crashing a bike, the next day you're getting shot, the next day
you're laying face-down dead in a river - all in a typical week as a
performer.  Each day is a unique experience.  Some days, you just sit on set all
day, in case the actor might need you (for "safety" it's called in the
business) or the director needs you on "stand by", and you still get paid a large
sum for the day, and you learn something new every time you're on set, too.

Another cool thing about being a stunt performer is that all your backyard fun,
such as dirt bike riding, climbing, horse riding, trampoline lessons, martial arts
classes, etc... now are considered
stunt training, and all of your "training" is a tax
BONUS.  One day, you'll be taking flying lessons, the next day going to
a race-school, the next - maybe getting your scuba ticket - all of it, a write-off,
all of it important to your resume, and all of it -

Stunt performers often train together, too, so you develop quite a social group of
good friends who really watch out for each other and back each other up.  The
stunt community is an awesome community to belong to, and there are some
incredible "like-minded" people that you'll end up hanging out with and "playing"
(ie: "training") with on the weekends.

To have the disposable income to be able to fly to Hawaii to surf, or zip to
Thailand to go diving is probably the best part about being a stunt performer.  
You have the money to
do things, at your own pace, when you want, how you
, and how much of it you want.  When you're working and it's busy, you're
having fun and earning A LOT of money, and when you're not working - you play,
spend, and train.

Other options while you're a stunt performer include: becoming a Stunt
Coordinator (after a few years experience as a performer, you start to get jobs
helping arrange the action, and eventually coordinate the shows).  Or you could
become a 2nd Unit Director (coordinating all of the action on a separate unit).  Or
even a Director (running the whole show).

There are many exciting facts about
being a stunt performer, but the most
important fact is
you don't want to look like an idiot when you're trying to get in.  
There are so many things you can do right, but there are so many things you can
totally screw up, also.  You want to do the
right things when you're first starting

In the following ebook (you can download and read it immediately upon
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you are taken through a vast array of resources that will help you along the way.
 Nothing is ever fool proof - you still have to do the work, but if you're serious
about wanting to
get into stunts, or you've always just wondered what it might
take, then you'll want to grab this
just released ebook Directory.
You will receive a full money-back guarantee, if after reviewing these two ebooks
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you got to lose?  
Nothing.  If you've always wanted to be a stunt performer, or
you're just curious to find out about the biz, click on the link above and get started.

You've got nothing to lose.  Check it out.
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